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The Malawi Fungi Farm – A Tourist’s Paradise

Malawi Fungi Farm

The Malawi Fungi Farm takes pride in offering a wide range of souvenirs and natural resources from the wonderful African continent. There are no people here, except for the herds of cattle that graze in the shade of the old-growth trees in the east side of town. The animals breathe the natural African air as they graze or sleep.

People still live on the banks of the Ayitteka River and eat fish from the River of Gods that once flowed through the Great Rift Valley. Here the great Zulu war fought by the Zulus against the whites is still remembered and respected. The animals still enjoy grazing on the grasslands.

The Malawi Fungi Farm boasts of the work it has done to protect the environment. It provides education opportunities for children to learn about the environment. Because of the work of the staff and volunteers, the children learn how to be responsible stewards of the environment by being mindful of the things they take out of nature. Some of the things they take out of nature include fruits and vegetables and other organic items.

The Malawi Fungi Farm is also a museum. Here children can learn about the local flora and fauna and the animals that roam the hills and forests of Malawi. It is also a place where the children learn about health care. Malawi is not like other countries where some people die young because of poor health care and nutrition.

Malawi has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Malawi has been a haven for many children to grow up healthy. This is why when visiting the Malawi Fungi Farm, all children should visit the nursery to learn more about health care and nutrition.

The Malawi Fungi Farm displays what the people here have been doing for centuries to conserve the land and wildlife. They were very protective of what they grew. They did not like the idea of the new settlers taking away what they had worked so hard to keep.

Wildlife began to become scarce as many of the animals became ill with malaria. Fortunately, the government was able to import antimalarial drugs from South Africa. The Malawi Fungi Farm produced enough antimalarial drugs to treat all of the sick animals.

Malawi was very fragile before and during the civil war. Due to the presence of strong guns, few people were able to leave the country without permission. Many children had to flee with their parents and even their grandparents to safer areas.

The Malawi Fungi Farm has preserved the artifacts of the Malawi wars in a temple on the grounds. There is not much left of the temple as the place has been converted into a museum. The story of the Malawi Civil War can be learned at the Malawi Fungi Farm. Children have been given the opportunity to learn about how the conservation of nature and ecology is the key to how we can all live in harmony.

The Malawi Fungi Farm is visited by people from all over the world. The wildlife is also a magnet for tourists who love to watch the animals. They love the children who visit the Malawi Fungi Farm and have a chance to be educated about the natural environment.

Malawi is now a vibrant city. There are good-sized shopping malls and restaurants. This was not always the case during the civil war. When asked if Malawi was a dangerous place before and during the civil war, the Malawi Fungi Farm staff would only say that it was in the past and now it is a safe place.

It is amazing to see that this city has the potential to survive so many years of conflict, disease and economic recession. But as a tourist, you will only see the positive side of Malawi. The Malawi Fungi Farm offers an insider’s view of life in Malawi’s capital city of Blantyre.